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Canada study visa

Students who secure admission into Designated Learning Institute (DLIs) are required to obtain a status document awarded by the Canadian consulate.

Study Permit (Student only)

Are you a student applying for a study permit in Canada the first time?

Study Permit Reapplication

Have you previously applied for your study visa and require an expert’s guidance to ensure you get it right this time?

Family Application

Do you want to apply for your study permit and bring your spouse with you?

Visitor Visa

If you are traveling to Canada, you would require a visitor visa.

GCMS Note Requests

The GCMS (Global Case Management System) note contains detailed review and comments about your permanent and temporary visa applications. It allows you to know the reason for refusals and the status of your application file

Post-graduate Work Permit

(New applications/Extensions) - Do you want to work while you study or after you graduate or extend your work permit?

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Are you migrating alone or with family?

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